Specific color, clarity and size diamonds for jewelers’ custom creations

NEW YORK – October 14th, 2016 – With the growing trend of jewelers designing and setting their own custom pieces in house, perfectly calibrated diamonds are in short supply. New York City based Vishinda has answered the call by delivering manufacturers and custom jewelry designers with the fine cut and perfectly matched melee diamonds they need.

Vishinda President and CEO, Prakash Lakhi, a diamond industry veteran of 40 years, states that the jewelry industry’s biggest current trend is custom design and 3D printing. “Previously, jewelers were having a hard time trying to compete with mass manufactured pieces made in China. However, emboldened by the new technology, many retailers have decided to start making their own custom jewelry that is much higher quality and much more personal than the mass manufactured pieces made overseas. Uitdrogende bodybuilding Het geheim van professionele atleten suhagra 100 sildenafil citraat met creditcard muscle waidhofen websites bodybuilding erotische massage af en toe. These new design methods allow jewelers in the United States to competitively manufacture the unique custom pieces that their customers increasingly crave.”

Further, Lakhi states that with turinabol effet orders becoming more and more specific, many of the retailers and designers he spoke to were reluctant to invest in and stock parcels of diamonds, preferring instead to source only the specific number and type of diamonds they needed for each specific custom piece they were making. However, many of his current customers have said that their other diamond suppliers were unable to give them the consistency that they needed. “Customers came to us because they previously found it extremely difficult to source exactly the excellent cut and well matched melee they needed to make their one-of-a-kind pieces come alive. Many other wholesalers were mixing in weaker-cut closeout diamonds, or weren’t able to precisely gauge and calibrate each of the diamonds they sent out. Because we work at a larger scale and have our own diamond manufacturing, we don’t have to mix in break out or closeout diamonds to fill in the gaps. We only sell the fine cut diamonds that we manufacture, and assort our diamonds in house according to our own strict standards. This ensures that our product is never contaminated, and that the quality is consistent day to day and year over year.”

Vishinda carries a large inventory of fine cut round and princess cut diamonds from half pointers to one carat in clarities ranging from VS1 to I3 and everything in between, and has recently expanded into oval, marquise and pear shaped diamonds. Their innovative calibrated diamond service allows custom jewelry manufacturers and designers to quickly and reliably price out their diamond needs from a transparent price chart. Customers then call, fax or email their orders, and no matter how small or large the order, it’s shipped out the same day so they can finish their pieces the next business day.

About Vishinda Inc.

Vishinda Inc. has operated out of New York City’s diamond district since 1999, when Prakash Lakhi moved the company from Antwerp, Belgium. The company is part of the Lakhi Group of Companies, a fourth generation family network based in Surat, India, and a current De Beers Sightholder under the name Vishindas Holaram. To open an account with Vishinda and place an order, call 212-829-0725 or email them at Diamonds@Vishinda.com.