Treated Color Diamond Melee Calibrated Sizes

Natural, ideal cut diamonds – Precisely Calibrated by mm size

Treated Color Diamonds

After numerous requests from customers, we have started carrying our own treated color diamonds. 

We color treat our own ideal cut, natural diamond melee to get vivid and attractive colors with a lot of fire and brilliance.

Most of the treated color melee in the market right now uses weak cut and clarity diamonds – but we only use ideal cut and VS diamonds – to allow the diamonds to shine to their highest ability.

Colors are matched tight, to give jewelry set with the diamonds a clean and uniform look.


VS Ideal Cut Treated Canary Yellow Diamonds

0.7mm-1.8mm (Calibrated Sizes)

VS Ideal Cut Treated Ocean Blue Diamonds

0.7mm-1.8mm (Calibrated Sizes)


    This light blue color