Calibrated Diamond Service

Get exactly the diamonds you need, when you need them.

Save Time and Money

Let us do all the work! – Our in house staff of diamond assorters will make sure the diamonds you get are perfectly calibrated for sized, and well matched so that all you need to do is count out the number of diamonds you need and set them in your jewelry.

Grow Your Business

Our streamlined service with straightforward prices will help you grow your business by allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Why use our calibrated diamond melee service?

After 20 years of focusing on selling only wholesale parcels, we now offer a specialty service for precision calibrated, matched pairs and layouts with ethical and reliable grading standards. We are the only melee supplier you will ever need, with the only diamonds that will do justice to your one of a kind custom creations.

•We calibrate our melee diamonds precisely and are CAD and custom order friendly, allowing you to buy specifically the sizes (by mm or carat weight) and qualities of diamonds you need today.

•We ship most orders same day from our offices in NYC so that you never have to wait more than one business day to get your diamonds.

•We are one of few companies in the world to offer diamonds directly from mines to market, cutting out the middle men and their markups.

•We don’t over inflate the grade of our uncertified diamonds like others, choosing to understate our diamonds rather than overstate. Since most of our customers are out of state, we need to make sure our diamonds are exactly as described or better, so that 99% or more of the diamonds we ship out don’t come back

•We are also one of the few melee suppliers who has a transparent pricing system according to strict GIA grading standards.

•Since we only sell the calibrated melee diamonds that we cut and polish ourselves in our cutting edge facilities in Surat, India, we can truly stand by the consistency and quality of the diamonds we sell.

•We have state of the art technology in our cutting facilities that allows us to maximize the brilliance of every rough diamond we get our hands on.

•We also have hundreds of skilled diamond assorters on staff who divide our melee diamonds along finely defined qualities. What this means is that if you see a sample of a diamond quality today and want to order exactly that quality a month or a year from now, you can be confident it will be exactly the same.

Unlike other diamond wholesalers who aggregate diamonds from numerous manufacturers, where the assortments and qualities keep changing, we are always consistent.


Let's Work Together!

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