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Diamonds Straight From Mines to Market

At Vishinda, and the Lakhi Group of Companies, we pride ourselves in being the source for all your polished diamond needs. Because we acquire our rough directly from the source and our manufacturing process is highly stream-lined, we can offer highly competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our vertical integration, keeping everything from sourcing to cutting to assorting to wholesale in house.

Our company Vishindas Holaram in Bombay has been a Sightholder with DTC, London since 1993, and in 2017 renewed our membership with De Beers as one of their exclusive partners. We are one of the largest exporters of diamonds from India and 3 diamond cutting and polishing facilities, with over 10,000 skilled cutters and diamond sorters.


Diamonds Straight from Mines to Market

The diamond and jewelry industry is dynamic, and as diamond requirements vary with market trends, we strive to meet those needs pro-actively and effectively. Our biggest strength is the confidence that our loyal customers have in us.

This confidence stems from the fact that we offer the power to choose from an unbelievable array of over 5500+ assortments from the finest white diamonds to the most brilliant browns. These assortments remain fixed and consistent, from month to month, and year to year, meaning if you see a sample today, you know you can get exactly that same quality at a later date.


Additionally, each assortment number, matched by our master samples has a fixed price, something unparalleled in the diamond industry. This level of transparency allows us to streamline our business so that we can scale up efficiently. Rather than waste time going back and forth to set a fair price, we put forward our best price up front.

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