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The Downfall of Rapnet’s Diamond Trading Platform

On Friday, March 20th Rapnet released its diamond price list and slashed the prices on its price list across the board by an average of 7%. While diamonds don’t trade according to the list prices, the price list does affect sentiment of buyers and sellers, with buyers...

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DIY: Small Business Marketing

Many businesses launch full-blown, complex marketing plans. Some even devote entire teams to oversee the details. As a small business, you may or may not have the time, inclination or resources to divulge into such a byzantine plan for your own business. However,...

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7 Tips for Projecting Credibility in an Instant

You’ve got smarts and skills in spades, and you’re brimming with potential. Still, in a high-speed, hyper-competitive business world, you have little time to make a big impression. You have to project credibility in an instant or risk being overlooked or rejected....

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