Fancy Cut Diamonds
Calibrated Diamond Layouts


Natural, ideal cut diamonds – Precisely Calibrated by mm size

Fancy Shaped Diamond Layouts

While the bulk of our inventory is round diamonds, we also carry fancy shaped diamonds in various sizes. We stock various sizes and can calibrate diamonds according to custom orders and designs.

Contact us today to receive a price list for these shapes. We can custom source sizes and color/clarity combinations not mentioned below.

Here are the shapes we currently carry: 

Princess Cut Diamonds

1.5mm and up to 1 carat(Calibrated Sizes) in GH VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2 and I1 clarities.

Oval Diamonds

We currently carry 7pt to 1/4ct sizes in FG VS2/SI1 color/clarities.


Oval Diamonds

Marquise Diamonds

We currently carry marquise diamonds in White VS2-SI1 clarity in sizes ranging from 6pt (approx 3.5x2mm) to 1/4 carat (6.5×3.5mm) and in between.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

 We carry pear shaped diamonds in FG color and VS2/SI1 clarity in 8pt to 75pt sizes.


Emerald Cut Diamonds

We currently carry matched size layouts in 8pt, 15pt, 20pt and 25pt sizes with matched/calibrated sizes

8pt: 3.1×2.2mm
15pt: 3.5×2.5mm
20pt: 3,9×2.8mm
25pt: 4.2x3mm


Baguette Diamonds

We carry straight and tapered baguettes in various sizes up to 1/4 carat. 



Rose Cut Diamonds

While we don’t cut this shape anymore, we do have select sizes available in loose parcels that we can calibrate based on size.

We currently have round and pear shaped rose cut diamonds.