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580 5th Avenue, 30th Floor, New York, NY 10036
Reliable Source
We have a reliable inventory of ideal cut melee diamonds. Most orders ship same day.
Consistency is Everything
Since we only sell the ideal cut diamonds we manufacture ourselves, our qualities are consistent month to month and year over year.
Ideal Cut Melee Diamonds
We carry only ideal and precision cut melee diamonds, meaning your one-of-a-kind pieces get the sparkle they deserve.
"Easy to deal with. Quality always consistent. Great company."
Retail Store Owner in VA
"Trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with"
Retail Store Owner in NYC
"Great company with honest and straightforward prices."
Wholesale Diamond Customer in CA

Why Us?


Same day shipping on most orders, so you can have your calibrated melee diamonds as soon as the next business day.


As one of the top manufacturers of calibrated melee diamonds, you can be confident we will have what you need.


Exactly the melee you need, calibrated precisely by mm - no need to waste time and money sending diamonds back and forth.


As a 4th generation family business, we have an impeccable reputation for being honest and trustworthy.

The Team

Prakash Lakhi
Prakash Lakhi President/CEO
Prakash moved the company to New York from Antwerp in 1999, and named the company after his father, Vishindas Lakhi.
Puneet Lakhi
Puneet Lakhi Vice President, Sales
Puneet is a Bentley University and GIA New York Diamond Grading Graduate, and specializes in both GIA certified and loose melee diamonds.
Anju Bhatia
Anju Bhatia Sales/Accounting
Anju has been at Vishinda for over a decade, and does a little bit of everything, including sales and accounting.