Ideal Cut Diamonds Calibrated by MM.

Exactly the diamonds you need – precisely calibrated and ready to set into your custom jewelry.

Finding the right melee diamonds shouldn’t be hard.

Save money by buying straight from the source, and cutting out the middlemen

Grow your business exponentially by reliably sourcing the melee diamonds you need for custom jobs, without the shipping back and forth.

Ideal Cut Diamonds.

We carry only ideal and precision cut diamonds from melee to 1 carat sizes that we cut and polish ourselves in our own factories, meaning your custom jewelry designs sparkle like they should.

Consistency in Everything.

Our diamond assortments are consistent year over year and guaranteed to match right out of the box.

Diamond Education

Learn about the 4cs and what to look for when buying a diamond

Lakhi Group

Backed by 30+ years of diamond manufacturing and wholesale experience.

Calibrated Diamond Service

Get your order out on time with our calibrated diamond service


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Diamonds by MM

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