Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, has more than 1 billion monthly active users. If someone has Internet access, then there’s a good chance they have a Facebook account.

With so many people using this platform, this is your opportunity as a retail business owner to reach out to new audiences, create a connection and even build your brand through ads. If you’re unfamiliar on how to advertise on Facebook, let’s explore the basics on how you can get started today:

The Types of Ads

Facebook has a handful of advertising options that you can take advantage of, including:
• Marketplace Ads
• Page Post Ads
• Promoted Posts
• Sponsored Stories
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• Sponsored Results

Each method works in a different way, so let’s take a look at how each type can benefit your business:

Marketplace Ads

Like Google AdWords, these ads will consist of a title, a small image and a body of text. Marketplace ads allow you to link out to your website or to a Facebook page. Usually, these ads work best for those who are looking for a specific audience. So for example, if you want 40-year-old females who love dogs and diamond jewelry, you would be able to target that specific demographic.

Page Post Ads

Suggested posts, unlike most other ad types, are ads that will show up within a Facebook user’s feed. So when a user is browsing through their feed, your ad will show up, looking very similar to any other status update. This type of ad is ideal for those who are looking to gain more visibility, promote a page post or get more likes for a Facebook page. Again, with this ad type, you will be able to target any audience that you want.

Promoted Posts

A promoted post is no different than posts that were created by friends and family. The only difference that you will notice is that at the bottom, it will say “Sponsored.” Since Facebook only shows your post to around 15% of your fans, the promoted posts option will make sure that more people will see your post.

While promoted posts sounds a lot like page post ads, you have to understand the differences. Promoted posts will only be able to target fans that have already liked your page, while page post ads can target anyone.

Sponsored Stories

A sponsored story ad will show up in the news feed, promoting a specific page or website. With sponsored stories, you will able to get more likes, have people join an event and install or play an application.

Sponsored stories are a great way to increase your visibility and have your potential customers interact with your ads.

Sponsored Results

Within the search results, this ad will show up whenever someone searches for something that is similar to your ad. With this feature, you’re going to be able to target a specific audience. For example, if you wanted to promote your jewelry business’s Facebook page that specializes in bridal jewelry, you could tell Facebook to show your ad via the search results whenever someone searches for something similar to bridal jewelry. Sponsored results are a great way to get people to your page with one click.

Facebook can be a great way to reach a new audience as long as you target your ads properly in order to maximize your return for your ad spend. While it can seem tough to get into, it can provide better returns over traditional media advertising since you can target exactly the demographic you want to see your ad, and you can better measure how many people see your ad and how effective it is.